Saturday, June 18, 2005

Alicia Stallings reading

Nancy Willard

The pool at the Holiday Inn, which I don't think anyone ever uses.

Michael Slipp was quoting sonnets from memory in translation on the shuttle to the train station to me and Rhina.

Wendy Sloan, waiting for Amtrak back to New York

Bill Coyle

West Chester

West Chester

Outside the library. The door to the left leads to the library.

Waiting for the recital in the library. Poems by Emily Dickinson, Paul Muldoon, Dana Gioia and David Mason and Annie Finch were composed to operatic art songs by Lori Laitman and sung by Barbara Quintiliani, soprano, and Lee Poulis, baritone.

Julie Kane, who adds, the three people facing the camera from left to right are me, Nancy Willard, and Nancy's husband Eric Lindbloom, and that's Bruce Bennett with his face cut off to the far right. It was wonderful meeting so many of you in person, after admiring your poems from afar!

Discussions around the dinner table is half the conference.

Jason Huff

Michael Cantor

Steven Schneider, center, David Caplan, left, and on the right is Annie Finch

Kate Light

The Auditorium at West Chester

Dick Davis

Aralia press imprints

Books on display

West Chester info board

Holiday Inn says Welcome WCU Poetry Conference


Sam Gwynn reading

The Three Muses, but I don't know their names.

Lori Jareo, Kevin Walzer, Fred Turner on the right.

David Anthony on left, Justin Sider

Jeff Holt

West Chester

West Chester

Tom Cable

Amy Brubaker, the person who gets everthing done, and who is very helpful

Gregory Dowling, from Venice, Italy

Alfred Dorn

Tony Barnstone, Bill Baer, Rhina Espaillat

Jennifer Reeser

Alfred Nichol

Deborah Warren

Michael Cantor & Midge Goldberg

West Chester

Jeff Holt and Don Kimball

Carrie Jerrell

Meredith Bergmann, sculptor and poet

Kymberly Taylor, left, Dana Gioia, and Annie Finch

Kevin Walzer

Kim Adonizzio

David Yezzi

Tim Steele

Robert Cumming

Rhina Espaillat

Leslie Monsour